Cathie Bertola, M.Ed. Literacy

Working with children on literacy skills has been one of my lifelong passions. I have worked as a classroom teacher, and trained as a reading specialist. I have a WA State teaching certificate with endorsements in reading and elementary education.

When working with children, I have three main goals. First, I want them to experience success. This involves meeting each child where they are, whether it's their mood on a particular day or simply gauging their pace and preferred learning strategies. Even if they are reluctant to come to tutoring after school, building on small successes will increase their motivation to put effort toward developing this critical skill. Second, I want recognize each child for their talents, abilities, and dreams. Knowing that I see what's special about them helps to build a foundation of acceptance and trust which dissolves barriers to learning. Third, I want them to recognize the value of reading, and to have access to learning through books. To this end, I hope to provide technology suggestions that will support children's learning while they are working to acquire reading skills.

Bellingham is a wonderful place to live. I have lived here for 26 years, enjoying our fresh air and outdoor opportunities, particularly trail running and hiking. I live with my family and have a small, colorful garden that keeps me busy on weekends. It may not surprise you that my favorite thing to collect is children's books.